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Doc Care Health gives you the tools and information to help you find the right

care, doctor, Lab, Pharmacy and hospital/clinic you need.

Find Doctors Near You

Connect with your doctor and find new healthcare providers from where you are and book an appointment.

Lab Tests and Results

Order your tests online with one of our partner labs, and confidentially receive your results in your secure Doc Care Health account.

Online prescriptions & refills

Get prescription refills on existing medications or new prescriptions online.

Find The Right Hospital or Clinic Near You

Receiving your treatment at the right hospital that can have a a positive impact on your outcome.

Our Consulting Specialities

Ask a doctor online and get quick medical advice for your health queries. Our medical panels consist of over doctors from different specialities.

Why Choose Us

Always available

We offer patients 24/7, 365 days access to medical care services with on-call doctors dedicated to ensuring that you get the best, safe and secure consultation.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

A digital version of a patient’s paper chart that are real-time and contain a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, prescribed medications laboratory and test results.

Prescription & treatment plans

You’ll get a customized treatment plan, plus prescriptions in your account which can also be sent to your favorite pharmacy

Easy to use and Time Saving


Book an appointment, chat via video on your smart phone, and get your prescription on your dashboard or pick them from your pharmacy. Our advanced technology is integrated with labs and pharmacies


Quality by design

Secure and Safe

We are setting the highest quality standards for the industry. We have deployed the highest security measures to protect your information. Your information is protected at every step.


The right care, right at your fingertips

Find The Right Doctor

Doc Care Health gives you the full picture of a doctor’s qualifications, including clinical experience, hospital quality measures, and patient feedback..


Affordability and Cost


Seeing a doctor has never been easier and affordable. All the doctors listed in our system have different consultation and treatment costs. You can always find a highly skilled, qualified and experienced online physician whom you can afford.